News: Great Books for The Balloon Artist and Entertainer

Great Books for The Balloon Artist and Entertainer

Below are a number of balloon artist related books that I have collected over the years. If you do not see a book that you own listed here, please feel free to let me know about it as I would love to add it to my collection. Additionally, I would be more than happy to share information on the books that I have here if you are interested in trying to find them for your own collection.

Wishing you all the best in your balloon career...
Happy Twisting,

Your Balloon Man,
Mr. Fudge

Doodle Art Super Tube: Hot Air Balloons (Doodle Art), by Jodi Huelin

Sparkey's One Balloon Menagerie, by Ed Harris

How to Become a Balloon Artist and Make Up to $100,000 a Year: An Expert's Step-By-Step Guide, by Charles Prosper

Balloon Art, by Twig

Hot Air Balloons: Medium Tube (Doodle Art), by Jodi Huelin

Balloon Side Show, by U.F "Gen" Grant, Tom Harris, George Johnstone, Mal Robbins, Joe White, and Tommy Windsor

Balloon Sculpting: a Fun and Easy Guide to Making Balloon Animals, Toys, and Games/Book and Balloons
Twisting History: Lessons in Balloon Sculpting, by Larry Moss David Kalvitis  

Blow by Blow: Another Balloon Book, by Jim Summers

Totally WAY Cool Balloons, by Harry Walmsley

Bothwell's Cut and Restored Balloon, by Don Bothwell

The Big Book of Balloons: Create Almost Anything for Every Party and Holiday, by Captain Visual 

Balloon Barrage, by John Shirley

The Inflatable Crown Balloon Hat Kit, by Addi Somekh

New Twists for Balloon Workers, by Jack Dennerlein

Balloonicature : The Many Faces of Balloon Art, by Larry Moss 

Comedy Magic with Balloons, by Norm Barnhart

The Ultimate Balloon Book, by Shar Levine, Michael Ouchi

Situation Comedy for Magicians, by Clettus V. Musson

Captain Visual's Big Book of Balloon Art!, by Captain Visual

Rubber Circus, by Don Alan

Mr. Bal-oon and the best pocket card in balloon trick, by Roger Siegel

Rubber Wonders, by Gerry Loos

I Want One of Those Balloon Hats, by Huggles the Clown

The Art of Public Squeeking, by Doc Wayne

Bar Room Balloons, by Roger Siegel

Dewey's Amusing Rubber Antics, by Ralph Dewey

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