How To: Make a Balloon Animal Sword

Make a Balloon Animal Sword

Step 1 Go out and find a bag of Qualatex Balloons from your local party suplier or party store. Qualatex is the "Very Best Balloons" you can get and they tend to be easiest to work with.

Step 2 Buy a quality hand pump that you can use to blow up the balloons. A quality pump should run anywhere from $3 - $7 for a basic dual action hand pump. It may not be easy to find a quality one in a party store, but I'm sure they'll have something that will work. Anything is better than nothing when it comes to having a pump. In most cases you will NOT be able to blow up the balloons by mouth. And even if you can, you won't want to.

Step 3 Get home or to a quite place to practice, preferably where you can be looking at a computer on the internet and can follow along with a tutorial video. Once you are there, watch the video below and follow along.

Video for how to make a basic balloon sword.

Step 4 Give yourself a pat on the back for completing one of your first balloon figures! You are almost a balloon artist! If you'd like to learn more, you should really check out some of the sites below where you can learn more balloon shapes:


  • Please keep balloons away from children under the age of 3 and discard of all broken balloons imediately. (This also aplies to any pets or animals that may try and eat them as well. Balloons are great, but not for food.)

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