Forum Thread: Comedy magic with balloons ideas...

I have a few different books and DVDs that cover comedy magic with balloons, but I'm always looking for new and inovative ideas. What would you think of to be a good routine with a balloon that is also magical and funny enough for children?
If you don't know much about magic or how to do the trick, that's okay too. I'm more than happy hearing ideas and suggestions for effects as well as different ways to do tricks with balloons and magic.

Some things listed in the book I'm holding in my hand:

  • Coolaid to Balloons
  • Balloon Dog Through Hoop
  • Static Electricity Balloon 


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I use a great cut and restored balloon effect where I take an inflated balloon and I cut it, pop a section of it, and then proceed to "shake" the knots out of it... Causing it to be good as new again. After the effect, I make a simple puppy out of it and add a little patter about, "If you had to go through all that, you'd probably have your stomach in knots too."

It's a fun little bit and the children seem to love it. It's also pretty easy and only takes a balloon and a few hours of practice to master. So, it is totally on my list of GREAT balloon effects worth knowing.

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