How To: Market As a Balloon Artist Entertainer

Market As a Balloon Artist Entertainer

Whether you are part time or full time as an entertainer, anyone can use help in marketing or advertising. Below are a few suggestions for helping get your name out as an entertainer in your area. For a more detailed list, be sure to check out where you can find an eBook on market domination and restaurant entertainment as well.

  • Get good business cards. With a good, solid, quality business cards you can begin to leave them around town, hand them out at events, and local business establishments as well. 
  • Take an ad out in the local paper. The more local it is, the better off you'll be. The more local papers are ussually cheaper to make it to your target grographic.
  • Have a website. With a good website, you can generate phone calls and book more events without having to leave the comfort of your home.
  • Get to know other entertainers in your area. By making friends and passing on extra parties and events to one another, everyone can bennifit. Don't stick with just balloon artists though. You can make strategic partnerships with face painters, magicians, jugglers, clowns, and even bouncy house companies.
  • Have a portfolio either online or in hard copy that you can use to show possible future clients. In the portfolio have photos of your balloon figures, client testimonials, a list of past clients, and a list of any awards or seminars you've been a part of.

Though these are not all of the things that can be done to market you and your business, it is definately a great start. Once you have these done and you begin to get more parties and events, you can get more marketing through your clients. Word of mouth spreads fast! Do a great job and you will get more work.

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